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Grout Colourant & Sealing

Our new rejuvenating grout colourant is a cost effective solution to restoring dirty, mouldy, damaged and stained grout. Without needing to remove and replace the grout, this process is thankfully a lot quicker and cheaper than older methods.

With the choice of over 20 different colours grout colourant is an easy and quick soloution to a seemingly large issue. With grout colourant we can create a new look, even change dark colours to light colours. Due to grout colourant being a specially designed epoxy formula this process will also effectively seal all your grout. Most importantly your new grout colourant will be easier to keep clean and maintain.

All of our clients are given the best advice possible to ensure the easy maintenance of their natural stone. All required cleaning products that are recommended are given with easy to understand instructions, also if required in home demonstrations are available.
If you or your clients have any enquires regarding our services, please feel free to contact the Marble & Stone Restoration staff today for your free stone, tile and grout care evaluation.

Rejuvenate your natural stone & tiles

Grout Colourant & Sealing

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